Rogue Trail Warrior concept … from Nissan


After all of the marketing hype of tying Nissan’s new Rogue’s to Star Wars, Nissan has built a concept tracked special out of the


The one-off Rogue Trail Warrior is a pixel camouflaged wrapped special featuring Dominator tracks from American Track Truck. In place of stock wheels sit 48 inch tracks, and the CUV’s suspension and wheel wells have been modified to accommodate the extra equipment.

Nissan has left the drive line as is, so the truck is powered by the 170hp 2.5ltr DOHC in line four found in any Rogue.

nissan-rogue-trail-warrior-4Extra toys and trim added include a Warn 4K winch, an ARB Gear Basket rack on the roof, with incorporated LED lighting, with cosmetic enhancements like flared wheel arches and yellow tinted headlights and windows.

The Rogue Trail Warrior concept will be at the 2017 New York Auto Show, along with other “unique takes” on the Rogue, as Nissan calls the custom work.

Tracks may be a good option here in the UK too, to bridge these potholes that just keep growing in the black top.


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