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Road Rage … good for nothing


After seeing so much anger on the road recently, we decided to look into the road rage phenomenon that just seems to be getting worse on all roads today.

With traffic volumes increasing by 50% within the last decade, the road infrastructure groaning under the pressure, constant traffic jams, roadworks and the seemingly limitless number of selfish incompetent drivers on the roads, you can see the stress of driving has increased tenfold in recent years.

Now lets be honest here, we all have had our moments, but it is true, as we get older we do get wiser. So are you a Stress Head in the motor, prone to, or experienced road rage? Why are some people who are ‘probably’ pleasant normally suddenly converted into spitting gesturing freaks just because they are holding a steering wheel? How many times have you shouted from the car to explain a broken line means GIVE WAY MORON! Can’t help thinking ‘that Numpty’ wouldn’t have tried running us off the road if we were in the rock climbing truck but then the temptation to charge them up the arse when they’re sharply breaking in front would probably have taken over, and as they say, two wrongs don’t make a right.

People have been shot even here in Europe due to road rage? It’s no wonder SUVs are becoming popular, incubating us in a large two tonne vehicle that gives a sense of protection. For sure everyone has a tale of some idiot in the wrong motorway lane, a honking plonker cutting us up or the current trend of roundabout lane confusion because once you enter them inner lanes you apparently have no right to come back out.ROAD-raging-FEVER

Is it all down to stress? Tom Tom? Too many cars on the road? or an insufficient driving test these days? Maybe it’s all down to stressful lives, the constant strive of fitting a 36 hour list into 24 hours the 2 hour journey taking 6 that have drivers frazzled.

We all admit to having experienced road rage but how can we prevent someone else’s actions affecting us.


Take a deep breath or two, we can’t be responsible for others but we can control our reactions and how we respond. We’re all trying to get somewhere so try doing it with a deep breath and a smile, there’s no better way to diffuse a tense situation.


road rage Don’t look at the numpty, if we don’t give them an audience we are far less likely to join in with our own brand of sign language or even fuel the situation.


Try not to be the wally and pay attention to the road, keep to the left on motorways. The middle lane and right hand lane are for overtaking not cruising down. If there is a speed demon flashing you whilst you’re over taking just ignore them and finish your manoeuvre then pull back over to the left. It’s up to the flasher if they wish to attempt flight take off on the M1. Be grateful the ‘pilot’ has passed you and is no longer endangering your life with their reckless speed.


Put down your phone, there is no text or call that can’t wait or is worth your life.


road-rage-QUEENBack off, whether you’re on track or tarmac leave some braking and thinking space. That extra inch closer to the vehicle in front puts you more at risk to slamming into the back of it. It also allows you time to observe everything around you, twitch over to give room for a bike or motorbike or pick a line over an obstacle.


Signal your intentions, those clicky yellow things on the corners of your car. Indicators help us all. If we indicate on a motorway it helps other cars move over or flash us out. They are there to show our intentions allowing others to react accordingly.


Be courteous, slowing slightly and flashing a fellow driver out just spreads a bit of happiness. Remember how lovely it felt when someone did it to you. It’s almost as heart warming as seeing a fellow 4x4er with a dam nice motor.


If you’re tense when you get in the car then there is a good chance you’ll be agitated by everything. Put on some calming music and enjoy having five minutes to yourself with your favourite tunes or audiobook.


Remember; us 4×4 drivers get flack just by the choice of our vehicle (from the environmentalists to the anti-green lane brigade) so be courteous and if you do make a mistake, as we all do at some point, show the palm of your hand to admit fault, it will diffuse the situation immediately.

I just wish others could do the same, instead of the *˚∆**@^!! that is directed at us even when they are at fault?


So it becomes clear; that is why we get so much pleasure from driving cross country, off the black top and away from those “special drivers” … see you on the lanes !


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