Rezvani Tank … radical muscle 4×4


The Tank is the latest radical vehicle from Californian auto coachbuilder Rezvani.

After making a name for them selves with their aggressive styled and named sports cars like the “Beast”,the company has been considering adding an SUV to the line up since February 2016, now they finally have, and it’s called the “Tank”.

The Rezvani Tank certainly bares styling that fits in with the company’s styling design. The Tank is covered in bulges, vents, angles and inset LED lighting. It looks like a cross between a transformer and an armoured military truck. The looks have differing opinions here, it maybe a Marmite 4×4, you love it or loath it.rezvani-tank-4x4-1

Looking past the radical body styling, it’s obvious the Tank is based on the current generation of the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited, with the interior being the real giveaway. This platform means that there’s a capable chassis with off road friendly beam axles front and rear, and a driver selectable four wheel drive. The Tank’s power is delivered from a 500hp 6.4ltr V8, so it can certainly pick up it’s feet if required …

More interesting features under the Tank’s skin are the rear powered suicide doors. The driver gets a heads up display for items such as speed, and a thermal night vision camera, however Rezvani don’t really elaborate on what this would be used for. The company also says it can add ballistic-resistant armour to the Tank to make it even more akin to a tank including B6 glass, Kevlar body panels and a Kevlar fuel tank as upgrades available in its “armour protection” package.

The Tank also carries a big price tag, starting at £134.500 ($178,000). That’s a lot of money for something that in essence is a distorted Jeep Wrangler, which starts at less than £30,000. But, you also have to consider that this is a Wrangler that has a lot of work built in.


Deliveries are expected to the select few by the end of the year.





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