Renault Alaskan pick up makes debut in Paris

Today Renault confirmed 2016 will see this “Alaskan” utility pickup truck in the showrooms.


As we reported previously back in June, there was a utility pick up on the way to be badged Renault/Dacia, and here it is.
Based on the same platform of the Nissan Navara NP300 and the soon to arrive Mercedes variant, the truck should be a worthy competitor for likes of Mitsubishi, Ford, VW and the mighty Hilux.


With a 187bhp four cylinder twin turbo dci diesel engine the truck will pick up its feet when requested. Power to the ground will be through a switchable four wheel drive system built for heavy off road use, lets not forget this is a utility workhorse. Towing weight is believed to be 3.5 ton and a payload of one ton.
Renault are aiming for the one base vehicle to spread across the commercial & lifestyle markets, offering single and double cab options, with a large list of options to include engines, electronic gadgets and of course trim specs.
Although a concept Renault are calling it a show truck, as they have confirmed the vehicle is going to be very close to the one displayed, probably minus the 21” alloys and body/door cameras ala3and such like.
Production is to start in Argentina, Brazil and Barcelona, Spain.


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