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Removing road salt … from your vehicles carpets

Well Spring is officially here, as of last week, according to the people who know, but looking at the weather you wouldn’t believe it.
However, hopefully we have seen the last of the frost and ice and therefore the salt, which makes our vehicle carpets, look such a mess and not forgetting the floor that it rots every time your carpets become damp. So you need to get that winter Road Salt out of your vehicles carpets.
It’s great for the roads but it’s a nightmare to remove once it’s inside the vehicle. Road salt is made from three ingredients, Sodium Chloride (table salt), Calcium Carbonate and Magnesium Carbonate. The last two ingredients don’t dissolve in water, which is why it’s such a pain to get out of the carpets.



However, we have found a DIY method to make the job easy.
You will need a few household items to help you;
A vacuum
Spray bottle
White Vinegar
Hot Watercarpet-salt-staines
Towelling Rag x2
Stiff Brush
Fabric Cleaner



Once you’ve vacuumed the carpet you’ll need is a spray bottle with a mix of 50% white vinegar and 50% hot water.
Spray the vinegar mixture over the carpet and leave for 2 minutes to dissolve the crusty residue.
Once the area has had time to soak, blot the area with a towelling rag to remove the moisture and the now dissolved chemicals.
Now lightly spray with a fabric cleaner to help take out the smell of vinegar unless you want to be craving chips for the next few weeks, scrub with a stiff brush and again blot with a clean towelling rag to dry.
If it’s a mat you can remove then take it indoors to fully dry or for those fixed carpets direct the car heaters down and crack a window for the moisture to escape.
If the method is followed correctly it usually works first time, but if after drying there is still light staining repeat the process.



Here is a video of a similar process to the above …







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