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Remember the Austin Gipsy …

Lost in history but not forgotten, a select few of devout collectors and restorers keep the Gipsy alive and will confirm the OFF ROAD GIPSYAustin Gipsy is a classic not to be dismissed in the 4×4 world.
AUSTIN GYPSY1Produced from 1958 to 1968 the Gipsy numbers totaling 20,000 by the end of the ten year production run.
Looking very similar to the Land Rover series one, it’s main competitor, there were differences however in the steel body work and the underlying mechanics.
BMC (British Motor Corporation) incorporated independent front and rear suspension with “flextor “ rubber suspension units, and semi elliptical springs with solid beam axles for the Gipsy. This did however give limited axle travel compared to the Land Rover and a rougher steering feel.
Austin GIPSY FIRE ENGINEThere were two engine options offered in the Austin a 2.2ltr 65bhp petrol and a 2.17 ltr diesel
Gearing was supplied by a 4 over 4 gearbox with a high and low range lever on the floor, four wheel drive was not possible in high range only low, with a maximum speed of 30mph.
With 16 inch wheels, hydraulic front brakes and a mechanical hand brake for the rear wheels the Gipsy stopped well for an off roader of the time.
The Austin Gipsy was a basic build motor that was very good at the market it was aimed for but unfortunately did not move Austin GIPSY 3with times of change.
The Gipsy’s big brother the Austin Champ, produced for the military also dropped out of favour due to costs in the same decade.

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