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Recoil 4 … Cuba gets shocked

Bj Baldwin has been at it again in his Toyota Trophy Truck, this time he took on the Old Town of Havana in Cuba.


The jumps are seriously impressive, whether they’re over flights of steps or just hilly streets, there’s also plenty of power-sliding, and a segment where Baldwin drives over a series of alternating logs, which really shows off the capabilities of this modified Tundra’s suspension. Some of the more cinematic “story” elements at the beginning and end are a little corny, but these videos aren’t meant to be serious. recoil-4-2They’re just meant to be fun and show off some sweet driving, of which Recoil 4 has plenty.


All six massive stunts in “Recoil” are real and the collaborative result of BJ working with legendary freestyle motocross and Nitro Circus star turned filmmaker Andy Bell.


“We scouted the stunts believing if we could pull it off on a motorcycle, we could challenge BJ’s manhood enough that he would try them,” said Bell. “BJ pushed that truck beyond what anyone else would dream of doing and it resulted in some of the most intense action Cuba has seen in decades.”

Among the outrageous stunts Baldwin performed was a record breaking, 191-foot jump down a narrow residential street, a 110-foot jump across a downed bridge and a triple-step-down stair gap with a 20-foot vertical drop in Old Havana.

“It’s one thing to rip across desert terrain in Baja, it’s a completely other beast to fly through the streets of Havana at 100 mph,” said Baldwin. “There’s simply no discreet way to launch a million dollar, 6,000-pound trophy truck down a residential street that typically is reserved for vintage 1950’s era sedans. We blew the locals’ minds. They had no clue a truck could fly.”

The team only had five days to shoot on the island, but with the help of the local government and BJ’s sponsors they pulled it off magnificently …

We can only wait to see what is dreamt up for “Recoil 5”




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