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Drivers 4×4’s … just how many are left ?

What is happening to our mechanical 4x4s, where are they disappearing to in the 21st century?  Well, they are not all going for scrap … read on


Everything today in the automobile world seems to focus on computers, electronics and luxury, OK we’re not too adverse to luxury and who isn’t but computers operating cars personally makes us shudder.
Gone is the ‘grease monkey’ mechanic to be replaced by a diagnostic machine, cars are now being resigned to the scrap heap because of economics where the computer chip, or ECU to be precise, is more costly then a replacement car.
Can’t help thinking one big electro magnetic pulse and the world will stop, and if your car is 21st Century it’s cooked.
As an old school 4×4 driver we love them, whether we used for exploring, work or fun, there are times when only a 4×4 is going to cut the mustard, ok trawling down the motorway is probably best suited to a modern SUV but loading it up with the winters wood or trawling across a field to rescue the livestock, unbeatable. It’s a bit like shoes really, you could go hiking in your trainers, but would you wear your Sunday best? No you wear your hiking boots.
Can today’s modern vehicle give us an easy to wash floor, with all the strength to scale rocks, stride across rivers and mud bogs?
Yes most people don’t want to do this, they just want to get the family and shopping from A to B and know they can push a button if the road turns slippery or the weather turns a bit risky. But we’re not most people, we’re a nosy dirty lot, who want to check out and scale the mountain for the view at the top regardless if someone hasn’t tarmacked it, we want to open our door and bump start the motor, we want to play in mud and on the rocks.
So … can someone please tell all the manufacturers we are still here.
Interested to see how many of us think alike?
We stumbled across a great web site which shows how many of our favorite vehicles have fared in the last fifteen years or so. The year they peaked to the most on the road to the current amount road registered and really interesting how many are languishing in garages SORN not given up on just being stowed or loved back to life. It didn’t show the classic 4×4’s like the Austin Champ or the Willys Jeep but it did show what most of us do love and maintain.
We wonder how many cars made today will still be running in fifteen to twenty years from now? Or will we all be sat in luxury boxes wired to the net not driving at all?
Here are a few statistics from the site for our loved trucks


                                                                                                                                                                                  PEAKED         Reg              2014        SORN

Jeep Wrangler 2.5                                    1999               1.5k                 596           286

Land Rover 110 County sw tdi              2000               4.1k                 2.8k         416

Land Rover Defender 90 tdi                 2000               17k                    3k            800

Land Rover Disco 1                                 2005                5k                     3k           800

Land Rover 88 Lightweight                  1997               134                     68             75

Mitsubishi L200                                      2004               3.3k                  2k            310

Nissan Patrol SWB Diesel                     1994              672                      15              45

Toyota 4 Runner                                     1997              134                       57             51

Toyota Hi-Lux 4×4 Diesel                     1997               13k                     2.5k          1.2k


Take a look around the following site for some interesting facts …
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