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Ras y Daff T Odil … 2017

Last weekend the Ras y Daff T Odil was resurrected after nearly a decade of absence. Keeping to its original format, competitors were invited to enjoy a challenging weekend in a bid to inject a bit of 4×4 competitive fun in to the miserable month of January.
This year 15 participants, six from Southern Ireland, four from Wales and the rest from England gathered for the Ras y Daff T Odil Off Road Challenge 2017. With a wide  variety of trucks in attendance from small Suzukis through Land Rover variants including Ibex to extreme challenge trucks, the event was going to be guaranteed action …
Teams were given an aerial map on the Saturday showing the rough location of the punches and the same was repeated for Sunday. As there are no single winners they can decide as a Team of 3 vehicles, which punches, they want to aim for.
The event returned this year after organiser Iwan Jenkins surrendered to many pleas of “we want more” and revived the event using a 300-acre site nestled just off the Welsh coast line.
The weather was kind to drivers, especially being in Wales, with a little rain, sunshine, but plenty of mud. With terrain varying from rugged welsh hillsides and woodland to deep valley cuttings, man and machine were certainly put through their paces.
With feedback we have received, the return of the event proved to be a great success with a good turnout through invite only. Hopefully through future peer pressure Iwan will continue the challenge as its obviously meant to be …
The event has raised a staggering £25k for local charities in its previous 10 years of action, and hopefully again the event will continue to provide for good causes in the years ahead.


Check out the action images provided thanks to Wayne Morse …


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