RANGE ROVER pick up … by Startech

Yes you read it right … a Range Rover pick up. Startech part of the German Brabus startech-pickuptuning company setup will unveil the ‘the most luxurious pick up ever built at the Shanghai Motor Show later this year.
With up to a hundred new body parts that had to be re-worked in carbon and aluminium to maintain the vehicles rigidity, a lot of work has gone into the car to provide a load bed that will just about carry a bale of hay.
With full blown muscle truck looks it will no doubt appeal to some specific buyers as pickup-range rovera second or even fifth car for leisure activities. Startech have added a carbon body kit, 23 inch alloys and tweaked the standard 5.0ltr V8 supercharged unit to produce 520bhp giving a top speed of 155mph with a 0 to 60 in 5.2 seconds.
With no prices given, our guess is it slides easily into the six figure range aimed at middle eastern buyers.

range-roverpickup-startech-01-1  range-roverpickup-startech-02-1

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