Range Rover Evoke Convertible blows it’s top …

Successfully completed testing of the Evoke Convertible prototype now allows the vehicle to be presented to the market.
Apart from the insulated and acoustic lined “Z” type folding roof the rest of the vehicle is the same as the hard top, seating four.
Fold down time is given as 18 seconds, whilst cover up time is 21 seconds and both operations can be completed at 30mph. When stowed the forward part of the roof acts as a tonneau cover giving a smooth line to the small spoiler that finishes at the rear end.
As in all soft tops the compromise is in the luggage area giving only 8.9 cubic feet, compared to the tin lid of 19.4 cube.
Going on sale next year the vehicle will be powered by the 2.0ltr 240bhp Ingenium engine coupled to a nine speed auto box and offered in two specifications; the SE Dynamic and the HSE Dynamic.


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