Range Rover … enter the missing link

The missing link in the Range Rover line-up is currently on test in the UK, ahead of its expected unveiling in late 2016. We reported only last week on this story.
The vehicle is expected to slot nicely into place between the Evoke and Range Rover Sport, offering a five seat mid range vehicle to satisfy customer demands.
new Range Rover
Spy shot
Looking like a long wheel base or stretched Evoke, it is expected to have all wheel drive as standard with a choice of the new four cylinder Ingenium engines both petrol and diesel, top end vehicles may have the V6 option.
The SUV is thought to be more favourable to on road use but retaining the capability for cross country use on dirt tracks etc. with the adjustable ride height and selectable electronic traction control systems for terrain and weather conditions.
The targeted market is thought to be the crossover SUV and 4×4 powerful large estate car, with plenty of legroom, cargo space and possibly a third row of seats for children.
If this model can achieve half of the sales the Evoke has gained (125,000 p.a.), then it will be another huge success story for the JLR group.
Prices are thought to be from £40,000 to £65,000 dependent on specifications required.

Featured image credit; Autocar

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