RAGNAROK challenge
Driver's view

Ragnarok Winch Challenge … 2016

With Viking Four Wheel Drive Club …


James Ayre (AT Racing)

What a brilliant 2 days at the Raganrok Challenge with Viking 4×4, we have had great fun as a team on some challenging stages some great driving and winching from everyone on the team and worked together really well even when I lost all steering and today when Duncan lost all winch power, but we worked together and finished every stage and completed almost every punch.
Thank you Duncan Smith (team Hybrid) and Allen Sharpe (Gigglepin) for asking us to be on your team and I’m really proud to come back with 1st place !! One of the best events I’ve done, thankyou to everyone who set up and helped run the event.


Team Goodwinch

We joined Team CSW this weekend at the Ragnarock 5 car team challenge. Having not worked with some of the guys before by the end ragnarok challengeof the weekend the team was working well together giving us 3rd place! So two days of times sections a wet ass for me now being LHD and so was in the deepest part of section 6 but LHD made it so much easier for Mike, before you know it it’ll either be banned or everyone will change over and then the punch cards will be moved. We had no issues other than a kinked air pipe so a bit of a clean and we’ll be ready for the Severn valley challenge series next weekend.
Goodwinch – Seven Eleven 4×4 – Delta-Tek – ODYSSEY Batteries – Devon 4×4 – Theoc 4×4
Gwyn Lewis 4X4 – Alpha Fabrication Ltd – Redline Hydraulics


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