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Quick Hitch wheel strap from Damar


Damar Webbing Solutions have added another great product to their range the ‘Y’ Strap for securing a spare wheel to our trucks with minimal weight or fuss. Damar has over a quarter of a century of experience in the trade of straps and webbing solutions earning them a reputation for quality and design. All their straps are produced on site in the UK enabling them to react swiftly to orders with reliable products.

Responding to the needs of their customers whether it’s for the competitive driver, overland adventurer or SundaySpare_wheel_strap ambler their straps are designed with ease of use in mind and high quality as a priority and their Spare Wheel Y Strap certainly ticks all the boxes.

Their Y Strap does away with heavy metal brackets and fittings, which is a great way to reduce unnecessary weight on the truck. They’re fully adjustable too so will not only hold the inflated spare securely but the deflated version as well. Made from Damar’s 5 ton webbing and fitted with a 2ton ratchet buckle the Y strap can easily withstand the wear and tear of off-roading. More importantly it’s going to make changing that flat rubber so much quicker.

Damar have two end fitting, fastening options available for this product. An adjustable soft loop, ideal for securing to a bar (roll cage) etc. or a Y strap Snap hook fitting for securing to a fixing point.

They can also personalise their products with a name on the label so no more confusion when it comes to packing up after a joint rescue mission.


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