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Protection devices for your truck ….

Securing your car against theft is a big issue recently with new cars having their electric keys copied or by-passed to the old faithful defender now high on the thieves list, it’s become a worry for everyone.
Ways to protect our car are endless and sometimes require the wallet to match. The obvious choices are the gated and gravelled drives, bollards, garages, ground anchors or blocking in a highly desirable car with another, great if you have a drive or garage but not a practical solution if you’re away from the house so what choices do we have?
GPS tracking systems …
Considered the top protection with various companies offering a service. These have progressed over the years to outsmart GPS black spots but do your research. A discount is available on your insurance if you have a tracker fitted but this doesn’t cover the cost of fitting one or the monthly / yearly maintenance subscription. Ok you have a good chance of getting your car back if it is stolen but the tracking companies recommend you don’t advertise the device or the thieves will search and destroy, so not really a deterrent against having your precious motor stolen to start with.
A cheaper tracking idea would be to use one of those disused phones you have languishing in the draws at home, fit a 12v socket into your boot out of sight and leave the phone permanently on charge. Then download a GPS Tracker APP and ‘viola’ a personal tracker connected straight from the car phone to your current trackingphone. Again it won’t stop a car being targeted but you’ll know where it is. Don’t forget to regularly check its active, advisable when the other half is due home and you need to look suitably busy.
Alarms …
Well who hasn’t ignored one of those! Ok for outside your house if you’re a light sleeper and you can get an alarm that sounds on the key fob, provided your within range. An Alarm sticker is more of a deterrent.
Immobilisers …
Good at preventing the opportunist thief. There a two in general use, one that cuts the electric power so the ignition cannot be turned over. The harder one to bypass is the fuel immobiliser which does what it says on the tin and blocks the fuel and hence the engine from starting. Both security devices can be advertised to deter damage to the car.
OBD (On Board Diagnostics) and ECU (Engine Control Unit) Protectors …
In English these devices protect the electric systems that allow the computer wizard thieves to gain access and ignition start to the modern car. You need to seek manufacturer specific protectors for these due to the OBD and ECU being located differently.
Visual Deterrents …
Alarm Stickers and Registration Numbers on windows or the bright yellow locking clutch_claw-150x150devices so any prying eyes cannot miss them. The good old steering wheel lock is making a come-back, but now there are a few more altenatives. For some determined thieves these are another lock to challenge them and you do have to remember to apply them no matter how quick your just nipping off. They will however make a thief think twice or find another easier target. Make sure you buy the right model for the car, different pedal settings etc. means one size doesn’t fit all.
Clutch Claw – www.nkgroup.co.uk/product/clutch-claw-in-car-security-device
Safe T Pedalwww.shirefabrications.com/services             safetpedal
X Defend Pedal Lock – This one fixes on to the floor then just lifts into action when needed. www.foundry4x4.co.uk/index.php?route=product/manufacturer/info&manufacturer_id=14        x eng Pedal-Locked-500x500
Handbrake to Gear Stick Lock – Stops the car from being rolled away
Personally I can’t wait for the device that puts a large electric shock through the thief leaving him stuck in the car jittering and begging for mercy upon your return, I know not a chance, we can dream, but there are vehicles on the market that have similar devices for anti paparazzi use!


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