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Last year Land Rover “pulled” off a stunt to tow a 100 tonne train 10 miles through Switzerland with the new Discovery accoss a river bridge and into a station. You may also remember the similar stunt Toyota completed a few years ago in which a Tundra truck towed a space shuttle 12 miles?

Well now, it seems Porsche decided to get in on the action with their SUV and do something similar.

plane pull-porsche


The company drove a couple of Cayennes, a diesel Cayenne S and a Cayenne Turbo S, from London to Charles de Gaulle Airport near Paris to tow an Airbus A380. The A380 is the double decker jet, the largest plane that Airbus build.


Porsche towed the plane with both Cayennes. With representatives from Guinness World Records present to record the event, which put Porsche in the record book for the heaviest aircraft towed by a production car, 115 tonnes. The car used to complete the record-breaking pull was a Cayenne S Diesel, powered by a 4.2-litre V8 engine producing 380bhp a burly 627lb ft of torque.

Not to be out done, Porsche recorded the event on video for your viewing pleasure. Richard Payne, a Porsche technician, was the guy behind the wheel and said he was “so relieved” afterwards, as the manufacturer “doesn’t usually go this far” to test the limits of its cars.

One thing to note however, is that it’s a very brief pull, unlike Toyota and the Land Rover challenge the Cayenne only pulled the plane 42 meters.

So it’s a heavier load than Toyota’s, but not a longer one. But, Porsche do state that both Cayennes drove back to London after the event with no issues, so that’s a result surely.


Check out the video clip below …



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