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PopaLoo … a toilet in a bag

It’s just a toilet! everybody needs them! So why are they not the first priority when it comes to van conversions and expedition vehicles? It’s ok for men and bears to use the woods but ladies see woods as an emergency only option and how many bushes are there to hide behind in the desert? It is the lack of loos that many ladies will not partake in the adventure spirit with their other half.loo 1
At last a product that has been designed to fit everybody’s needs whether you’re an off roader, trucker, fisherman, beach lover, camper or an adventurer.
The PopALoo comes neatly contained in a bag weighing just 4.28kg so it will fit into any tight packing regime, simply remove from the bag, interlock the 6 pieces, insert the bag and your ready to ‘go’. The toilet is strong and sturdy with no creaks or rickety movement, important when you’re in such a delicate predicament. The toilet is a good size at 42cm square and the same height as the household convenience so there is no squatting or tiptoe perching and a design point we were really impressed with the seat hole is generously sized (think about it). The unit has been tested to carry the weight up to a 26 stone user.portable-loo
The practicalities of a portable loo have been simplified with the insert bags that have an absorbent anti bacteria powder in them. The powder is an absorbent turning your waste into a gel so there are no after spills or lingering smells making the bag easy to dispose with. Each bag can ‘gel’ approximately 1.5 – 2ltrs of fluid so they can be used more then once depending on the size of your bladder. Replacement bags are available in refill packs of ten or a fifty direct from PopaLoo.co.uk
Impressed? We were, a toilet that finally is a convenience. No chemicals, spills, digging, mess and no hunting down Elsan points as all materials are degradable and can be disposed of in normal household waste points.



The unit can be discretely built into a seat design in a camper, left in the back of a large car for those with health issues or simply packed in with your adventure gear. The POPALOO-CAMPING LOOcompany PopALoo even have a pop up tent to house their ingenious gem, and just when you thought you couldn’t hug them enough, they also donate from every purchase sold to the Charities Cord and Tearfund.



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