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Plastics n’ Glass … cheap n’ easy clean tips


After a great session out playing in our trucks the inevitable job of cleaning them cannot be avoided whether you’ve been wading windscreen deep in a river or trundling down the pleasant green lanes of the country. Out comes the jet wash as we caress our motors back to a recognisable colour checking for any damage as we go. The inside usually gets a brief flick over with a hoover, duster and damp cloth. However if you’ve a little more time, we have some cleaning tips to help get the sparkle back on the inside of the truck.


The inside of the windscreen is one of those places that tend to get neglected, the outside gets done with the car wash and we’re done. Then the sun hits the screen at just the wrong angle and we suddenly find ourselves trying to see through all the muck and smudge marks that weren’t visible a minute ago.
You can buy glass cleaner or use the old fashioned method of some warm water, washing up liquid and vinegar mixed together in a bowl. Use a microfiber cloth (flannel or old towel) with the water solution to remove the dirt and grease, dip in to the solution, wring out the excess water and wipe across the windscreen. Then use a dry cloth or chamois leather to remove the dirty water; this drying cloth should not have been washed with fabric conditioner to avoid streaks. Use straight up then down strokes when drying the screen, this will assist avoiding any future glare. If your screen has areas that are impossible to reach then use a ruler, coat hanger or screwdriver to push the cloth into, remember to keep hold of one corner of the cloth so you can pull it back out.


When your dash and internal plastic car trims are just dusty then it’s easy to maintain them regularly with baby wipes, they are not too wet, have a cleanser in them and are gentle enough for babies skin so won’t damage the dash. If however you’re normal by the time we get around to cleaning internal plastic trim is when those marks, spilt drink stains etc. are embedded into the grain of the plastic. Now we’ll need some detergent diluted in warm water with a towelling cloth. Soak the cloth in the solution then wring out so no excess water drips into the electric as the cloth is used to wipe across the plastic. Use circular motions to work the dirt out of the creases then wipe over with dry cloth. If a cloth is not lifting the grime then try a soft brush or old toothbrush then again wipe over with a dry cloth.interior-clean-4x4
Olive Oil or Vaseline is great for dry and brittle or faded plastic, apply to a cloth and massage in then using some kitchen towel wipe of any access. This will seal and leave a shine on the interior plastic regardless of what colour.
Another little cleaning tip, believe it or not is Peanut Butter, the crushed nuts act as a mild scourer with the natural oils giving a moisturising effect and deep shine to the plastics, then polish off thoroughly. This also works well on your exterior plastics. Remember, we always recommend to try a small out of sight spot beforehand.


peanutbutter_peanuts-233x300 vaseline


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