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Pillowtrack … off road mobility assistance

Most of us at some point during our off road travels have required the use of traction mats or waffle boards to bridge a gap or create an elevation to continue on our merry way.
Well here is a product that is very versatile, stows away in a small roll up bag and can take the weight of upto 3.5 tonnes of any 4×4 that needs mobility assistance or a recovery aid, enter the Pillowtrack.


Requiring only to be inflated, Pillowtrack can give several inches of elevation, bridging the distance between a tire and the ground.  Or, when used to navigate over obstacles such as ravines, ditches or rocks, Pillowtrack becomes a void filler, enabling you to place one or multiple Pillowtrack devices into the void in order to navigate past or over your obstacle.  Compare the time and effort involved in throwing rocks and debris into a void with inflating a Pillowtrack and putting that into place.


If you have ever been stuck in sand, you’ll know how hard it can be to extract yourself without plenty of hard labour.  In many cases the lack of anything substantial to winch off of, makes self recovery even more difficult.  Pillowtrack can assist in these situations with it’s durable rubber tracked sides, giving a tire something to grab onto as it climbs out of the holes you dug while the opposite side grips the terrain.


Each Pillowtrack is 43″ X 20″ with rubber tread secured to 2 sides of the Pillowtrack itself.  The inflation tube is a rubber tube that uses a valve stem-link insert that allows use of a small hand or electric air pump.  Since many situations require only that the Pillowtrack be inflated but not under pressure, in those cases air can be added by simply blowing it up by mouth.  Once the desired amount of air is added, the tube is bent over on itself and tucked into a loop.  This inflation method makes deflating the device very quick and easy without anything more than pulling the tube out of the loop.  The working psi for driving on the device is about 1 psi with the pressure increasing to about 5 psi when under the weight of a vehicle.  The maximum is 8 psi, making any pump suitable for pressurizing the Pillowtrack.
A useful piece of kit that will enhance any off road gear bag.
For more information; PILLOWTRACK  


Check out the demonstration video below …

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