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Pick-up feature, #1… The Toyota Hi Lux

We recently mentioned that we would be reviewing the whole range of pick-ups available on the European market, so we had to start with the daddy of pick ups we all know, the Toyota Hi Lux.
Toyota has achieved global success with their Hilux 4×4 Utility Vehicle first produced in 1968 they can boast 32 consecutive years as bestselling ‘ute’ in New Zealand only recently losing it’s title to the Ford Ranger. This is the only vehicle to leave footprints at the furthest point in the Antarctica. To be fair Toyota had been perfecting their Pickup since 1935 in the guise of the G1 truck and 2 other adaptations through to 1968.
Does this mean the Japanese have nailed the ideal truck with 47 years of Hilux production? Reputation knows this machine to be exceptionally sturdy, reliable even with heavy use and thanks to Top Gear, indestructible.
The flexibility and ruggedness of the Hi Lux prompted after market companies to produce all manner of kit to add into the load bed of the truck, turning them into campers, rescue vehicles, fire engines, recovery trucks and the list goes on. Unfortunately we now also regularly see them as gun wagons in news reports from the middle east conflicts.
2015 sees the launch of the 8th Generation Hilux pushing the 7th generation firmly into the 2nd hand market. I wanted to know what’s out there and what do you get for your money in the ‘pre-loved European market’. four wheel drive only (of course).
2005-2014, 7th Generation the AN10 and AN20 hilux 2011
This model came 3rd in the 2012 Dakar Rally with only minor modifications to its factory production. Wider then it’s predecessor.
Engine options; Diesel 2.5l /102hp /192lbs torque
3.0l /162hp /139lbs or torque
Cab options; Standard 2 door, King 2 door and the Double 4 door.hilux 2006
Aircon’, alarm and remote central locking now available as standard
2011 saw a serious face lift with the exterior overhauled with new bonnet, grill, headlights and front bumper. ABS anti-lock brakes and cruise control are now standard. The interior has been overhauled with a new upper dashboard, audio system, new seats and door trims. Engines are retuned to improve emission and power to 140bhp (2.5lD) and 168bhp (3lD).
Current value £5K to £13K
1997-2005, 6th Generation N140,N150,N160,N170
Introduced with a price drop and a rounder look.hi lux
Engine options; Diesel, 2.4l turbo/101hp/190lbs torque, 3.0l /103hp/150lbs torque
Cab options; Standard 2 door and Double 4 door, King 2 door after 2001
Now fitted with independent front suspension improving handling and ride quality with sound insulation on sports versions.
2001 introduce another face-lift with flusher lights and new diesel engine improving torque and efficiency.
Current value at 2k to 5k, dependent on condition.


1988-1997 5th Generation N80, N90, N100, N110,N120,N130
Probably the easiest Hi Lux to be recognised was after Top Gear tried several times unsuccessfully to destroy their 1988 model.
Engine options; Diesel 2.4l/89hp/123lbs torque, 3.0l/90hp/139lbs torquehi lux 1991
Cab options, Standard 2 door and Double 4 door.
Interior is upgraded to feel more like a car and the rear bed was now one piece to eliminate rust issues. 4WD models were given flared wheel arches. Rear seats gained more legroom.
1990 power steering became standard and rear coil sprung suspension.
1991 minor grill changes and the Toyota emblem is now used, not the wording of the company.
Current value £500- £3k
Older models are now considered to be collectables and can vary on price considerably, dependent on restoration, overall condition and year of manufacture. The Toyota pick up is an icon in it’s own right and will undoubtedly become a classic for pick up lovers.


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