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Phone App security for your Defender …

Theft of Defenders is up 8% over the last 12 months with vehicles being stolen to order for parts, or to be shipped abroad due to the remaining high demand now that the model is no longer in production.


Defender Defender is a company who can give you piece of mind when leaving your Defender unattended. Defender Defender is a GPS/GSM based motion sensor security system that provides pinpoint tracking accuracy, automated responsive alert notifications and the best customer controls on the market.


The proactive system will activate and alert the user the moment any
disturbance is detected in the vehicle. Movements without the key in the
ignition, forced entry through doors or windows, or if your vehicle leaves a
predetermined geo-zone, will all trigger the device.



Defender Defender is a sister company to Gloucester Land Rover, who as a dealership have many years experience dealing with the Defender model.


System features;
Real Time Recorded Tracking
For 24/7 365 days you can monitor your vehicle via the phone app to within 5 metres on a map. You can also track previous movements by entering a time frame for information of the detailed routes taken.
A manual setting by the user to alert when the vehicle leaves the marked area a time allocation can also be set for this option to prevent false alarms or notifications.
An option to inform others of your choosing about an emergency situation with a concealed button. The tracker will send an SMS message to numbers of your choice, plus the added option of a voice monitor may be used.
Remote fuel cut-off ;
allows the user to remotely switch off their fuel supply via the mobile app or SMS command. There is the
option to do this every time a vehicle is left, thereby preventing any would be theft from starting the engine at all. Alternatively, if a
vehicle is compromised, the user can starve the engine of fuel at the press of button instantly causing the vehicle to come to a
steady stop, just like running out of fuel. With no way of restarting the ignition, the vehicle will more than likely be abandoned, at
this point the user can access the live feed map to pinpoint the exact location of their vehicle and then retrieve it.
Vibration/ Movement alert;
 will notify the user as soon as the device detects any vibration and/or travels over a designated set
speed. These alerts will only be active if the key is not in the ignition, therefore assuming any movement is direct cause of an
attempted break in or potential towing of the vehicle. The user again has full control of this feature and can choose to turn it on or
off at any time through the mobile app.
Defender Defender Ltd are displaying at this years main Land Rover shows at Billing and the Scottish Land Rover show, both in July.



For more information visit; Defender Defender




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