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Pelican Cases … tougher than your old boots

Pelican Cases have been trusted by travelers, military units and 4×4 adventurers for many years the world over.

They say nothing is indestructible but Pelican Cases get very close. Owners have dropped them off moving vehicles, used them as camp furniture and loaded them in & out of 4×4’s thousands of times, including launch mode to the roof rack and as yet, not heard of the lifetime guarantee being called upon.

PELI 3    PELI 2    PELI 1

The cases robust construction of molded polypropylene combined with double lock fasteners and rust proof stainless pins all add to the indestructible reputation. For added security most cases come with stainless steel padlock protectors

The cases are certified waterproof to a submerged depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes.

Ideally used for laptops, video, camera equipment and sensitive electrical goods, with supplied foam inserts that you can tweak to suit your contents.

Pelican Laptop-Case

For a decent sized case with a good volume for your average 4×4 adventurer, weighs in at around 9kg. You can always stick with the traditional “ammo box” storage system and put up with the weight and rattling, or treat yourself to a Pelican Case, you will never regret the move and it will probably out live all of us and that’s without the lifetime warranty.


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