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Passion Desert … the VW Amarok chase truck theme


Passion Desert is the off road VW Amarok Pick Up overhauled by Motoren Technik Mayer (MTM) being launched at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show on March 3rd.



The German tuning company MTM was founded in 1990 by Roland Mayer, his 2009 Audi RS6 344.2 km/h holds the current speed record.




MTM have replaced the traditional Amarok VW 2.0ltr engine for the V8 4.2ltr TDI, then applied their tuning magic to produce 410hp with a top speed of 149mph, 0-60mph in 6 seconds and 685lb ft of torque. To tame the Passion Dessert disc brakes have been upgraded to 405 mm at the front and 356 at the rear, an eight speed Tiptronic gearbox has been used to deliver power to all 4 wheels via the 4Motion system. To match the body to the impressive engine, an advanced coilover suspension has been added with body-armour-amarok-passion-desertunderbody protection with big off-road tyres.





Top of the range costs around £150,000 / €200,000, and the engine conversion takes up approximately half that cost so don’t expect much change in the ‘lower range’.


Unknown Volkswagen-Amarok-V8-Passion-Desert-by-MTM-06


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