P.U.V. … A Printed Utility Vehicle

Well, in these times very little surprises us when it comes to vehicle development.
With electric ATV’s and 4×4’s in designers minds this is the age of science fiction becoming reality where anything and everything is believable including in the off road world.
So the latest little truck from the US should not have been a surprise but it was … a plastic printed U.T.V. that happens to be electric and gas powered with several other tricks up it’s sleeve.
The PUV vehicle is printed from plastic that’s similar to Lego bricks, but it has been reinforced by adding carbon fibre.
It uses an electric hybrid fuel system, where a compressed natural gas generator boosts the vehicle range where the electric can lack. As if that wasn’t high-tech enough, the PUV can be powered by a solar 3D-printed home, or send power to the home through vehicle-to-grid charging.
The truck can also send energy to or from your home completely wirelessly. Our phone manufacturers could learn a little something from this car, don’t you think?
So this demonstrates that printed vehicles are very achievable and once suitable machines are built to produce them we are sure mass production will follow. We shall see what the future brings … maybe a plastic printed Defender?


Here is a short video from Autoblog and Translogic who checked out the vehicle …



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