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Ovik … tough trucks from the UK

If you’ve ever fancied a well-engineered extreme off-road ‘beast’ then the Ovik Crossway is on your wish list.
The Crossway is a vehicle custom built by a UK Company Ovik Crossway, the heavy-duty AWD vehicles are designed for extreme use, specialist applications and reliability. When we say extreme think enough strength and ability to be armoured.
All vehicles are built to order on the Ovik Strive chassis, which have super heavy-duty underpinnings enabling the 4×4 and 6×6 chassis to withstand large payloads and navigate any terrain. Shafts, axles, joints, flanges even the wheels are engineered to cope with severe terrain, cargo and the 10,000 Nm of torque the Crossway is capable of producing. They happily confess their vehicles are not SUVs. Choosing the differentials is where these vehicles really start becoming personal as they fit their own diffs, engineered with various different ratio options to provide for the bespoke requirements whether it’s torque, towing or fuel economy.
Specialising in custom builds their rugged chassis come with four wheel base options, Gross Vehicle Weight 3.5 tonnes to 6.0 tonnes and four engine choices.
There are six build levels available,
Basic 4×4 Chassis Cowl is a fully driveable chassis, an ideal base on which to build your own.
Standard Chassis Cowl adds a fold down windscreen and fully integrated roll cage.
Advance Chassis Cowl includes the ‘face’ with a bonnet, wings, grille and a winch bumper with an optional integrated winch, also includes the front integrated lighting system.
Chassis Cab a fully road legal option. Stepped up to include a comfortable cab with rear bulkhead. Choose from three body styles, a Pick-Up with fixed bed, 5th wheel hitch or tipper, Box Body or Armoured Shell.
Modular Mission Vehicle the heavy duty Strive chassis is fitted with the unique YOYO load changer system designed to change the rear body in less than 60 seconds using cables and electronics.
Utility Body a basic rear fitted box body that can be adapted to ensure your vehicle meets your individual needs.


Crossway pick up  ovik-crossway-utility  Crossway Modular


Ovik Crossway has applied their belts and braces attitude to the new addition in their stable the Patriot, a fully armoured limousine. Using their experience building specialist military and police units everything is armoured, the steering column, wiring looms etc. The mission of protection fulfilled.

Crossway limo

This company have provided the building blocks to some truly capable machines so if you have a project in mind get in touch and make the dream a reality, in their own words. “One thing you can be sure of is that this is not an SUV. The OVIK design team has produced a vehicle whose style befits its rugged, no-nonsense attitude. Wherever you meet a Crossway, there’s no doubting that it means business. From the imposing front-end styling to the special-to-purpose body, everything about Crossway shouts ‘business’. This machine certainly isn’t designed for the school run”


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