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Optima 1200 Digital Battery Charger & Conditioner

With winter approaching it’s time to thing about storage of those 4×4 racers and boys toys, especially the batteries. If you don’t fall into that category you still may need to pay attention if you have a vehicle for your daily ride, as the cold weather will still tell its toll on the vehicles battery. But with a little thought and attention and keeping the battery’s optimal level, you can save yourself money, time and the frustration of a flat battery on one frosty early morning.
Optima manufacture numerous gel battery offerings that are used in automotive and marine applications. These AGM batteries benefit from the use of Optima’s 12volt Digital 1200 Battery Charger and Maintainer. This product charges and maintains both 12 volt AGM and traditional batteries.


This product features a battery maintainer port and a cable for when your truck is tucked away for a long winter hibernation. With the Digital 1200, your vehicle’s battery will be conditioned and maintained all whilst also extending the life of your battery. Additionally, if you have a battery that barely shows signs of life, then the Digital 1200 might just be a lifesaver for you by bringing it back to use.



There are those who have a collection of nearly dead recycle grade bound AGM batteries, but the Digital 1200 can resurrect some severely depleted batteries. When one of these near dead batteries is connected to the unit it is easy to program thanks to the LCD battery-charging gauge.


As an additional creature comfort, the Digital 1200 Charger also is accommodated with a USB port to charge your laptop, smartphone, tablet, camera etc.



Optima will give an extra 1 year warranty with any battery purchased with the 1200 Digital Charger, now that is confidence in the product.


Pricing is around $199.99 or £ 130.00


For more information; OPTIMA



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