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Dash-board cameras are the new in car gadget. Why?
By having a dash cam fitted in your vehicle means  your reputation and no claims bonus are covered when it comes to an insurance claim where you are not at fault. Videos are all over the Internet showing just how wide spread insurance fraud has become with clips from Dash Cams showing pedestrians throwing themselves at cars, idiots cutting people up and slamming on their brakes, accidents caused by undue care and attention and the odd bit of road rage.
The camera works by recording for a set time loop onto a memory card, initiated either by manual control or your ignition, price obviously reflects the ability of the cameras. Some units can prove innocence because of the ability to record the route and driving speed using GPS, plus any accident can be automatically locked to the memory card with a date and time stamp, all in glorious multi-colour for the court. Minidashcam
Some Dash Cams have a microphone and the latest have a G-sensor (motion sensor) that recognises an impact and automatically saves and protects any crash recording. The sensor can also protect a car once parked, again by sensing an impact and provided you have a dual view system that faces insides and outside the culprit is recorded. Personal benefits include peace of mind, keeping an eye on your teenager driver, the ability to record stunning drives and routes or that you’ll never believe it moment for viral footage on You Tube.transcenddash


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