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OKO … anti puncture solution for life of a tyre


The OKO Puncture Free is designed specially for Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV), as a tyre protector to cover 4x4s, trailers, vans and cars. It’s a tyre puncture sealant formulated for road speeds and off road sealing holes up to 7mm. It is suitable for 4×4 vehicles with standard manufactured All Terrain Tyres. Due to its special compound it can also be used on mobile homes, caravans, horseboxes, anything that carries weight. They also do versions for quads, bikes or tractors, just about anything you can mud plug with.oko-tyre-products


The OKO Puncture Free can be used as a preventative puncture sealant if you just know you’re going to punish your rubber because it can last for the commercial life of the tyre. If you’re a bit more optimistic it can be used to get-you-home provided you’ve packed your tyre pump. Each bottle comes with a valve core remover and filling tube in each bottle cap.

It’s easy to apply through the valve of a tyre using the filling tube provided. Made from an Aqueous glycol solution the liquid when applied remains pooled at the base of the tyre until the tyre moves. Once the tyre is in motion the laws of physics work coating the inside of the tyre. If you are using OKO Puncture Free as a preventative it’s important to ensure the tyres are balanced before applying, it contains an anti-corrosion agents that safeguards steel and alloy wheels.

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For curing a puncture through to the tread, the air pressure from re-inflating forces OKO Puncture Free into the hole instantly forming a strong and permanent seal of any hole up to 7mm wide. Continued movement of the tyre forces the remaining liquid sealant around the tyre helping to maintain the exact tyre pressure for the legal tread lifetime of the tyre.


If you have more then one off-roader there is a 25 litre drum available for use by garages and fleet workshops, it comes with a heavy-duty aluminium shaft pump that doses 200ml per stroke, just rinse out after each use.

Vehicles fitted with tyre pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) must check with their Manufacturer if the system can operate with puncture sealant in the tyre as the sealant may coat the sensor and deliver a false reading. TPMS that function outside the tyres are not influenced by sealant.


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