Offroad Tracked Boots … who needs a vehicle !!

Polish inventor Jack Skopinski is proud of his latest invention; a set of battery-powered “off-roading” rollerblades that handle dirt tracks as well as they cope with streets. The tracked blades have a somewhat rough and ready aesthetics, the design is certainly not as consumer focused as other motorized skating solutions.



Each boot is fitted with a 350w DC motor that propels the rider up to 12 miles at speeds topping 9 mph. Rather than conventional wheels, these rollerblades sit on rubber treads enabling riders to scoot across grass, gravel and dirt tracks with ease. As the promotional video (below) shows, the system is controlled by a wired, hand-held remote device.



electric-off-road-rollerblades-The boots are pretty pricey for a last mile commute solution given their £800 price tag plus, at 5kg, these wheels are going to be a pain to carry around should you flat line their charge before reaching your destination.




Check out the video;



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