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Off Road GPS … on your phone

Trail Connect Off-Road GPS have designed a new concept in mapping. Aimed at the adventurer this app allows you to track trail-connect-gpsyour own trail including distance, time and altitude then upload it into your own profile or for others to view and follow. The system allows pictures and waypoints to be Geotagged and comments can be shared so at last a vast platform of knowledge can be created and stored for public use.
Designed by three brothers who are keen off roaders, the app contains everything you need for your trip and is to be constantly reviewed and updated with improved features. Basically the more people that use it and add information the better it gets for all.
The app can be used off & online, so if your phone signal drops you can continue as before.
A discussion forum creates a space for advice or organising gps-off-roadoutings with fellow trail lovers, and a “personal garage” can be added with photographs of your toys that you use on the trails.
Currently it is available from the app store (with 5 star reviews)
it is only running on iphones, however and android system is close to completion, so keep an eye on these guys.


Website; click here

Down load the app; click here


Promo video …


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