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New Truck Jump world record attempt … coming soon

Bryce Menzies the Red Bull sponsored driver is looking to smash the world record for the distance jumped in an off road vehicle, by jumping his 900 horsepower Pro 2 pick up styled truck over an entire town.
Menzies looks to jump over a real abandoned ghost town in the Southwestern part of the United States.
Currently the record is held by Tanner Foust from back in 2011 when he jumped the Hot Wheels truck in a stadium setup from a high rise tower.


Bryce menzies
29 year old Menzies, has an impressive record for off road racing since entering the arena in 2007, notable success’ include the Baja 500 three times, Mint 400, TORC Pro 2 Championship three times, and Red Bull Frozen Rush twice.
Menzies reportedly commented on the stunt saying “I had the idea for this jump because it’s just something that I’ve always wanted to do. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve loved jumping things like dirt bikes, buggies, or whatever, and as an adult, I’ve really wanted to see how far I could jump my race truck. We race all the time, but we never get to come play on jumps like this, so it’s awesome that Red Bull and Pennzoil are behind me and making this whole thing possible. I’m just looking forward to doing it and really having fun in the process.”


The stunt will go out live on Red Bull TV on August 27th
Make a note of this one to watch.
Check out the videos below ….

#1 The Plan

#2 The Current Record







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