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New Storage Idea … for your Defender

Garrison Outfitters from the US have given Defender owners a little bit more secure storage space in an area that was previously fresh air.


Garrison under seat storage cases fit snugly under your removable Defender seat base and will fit all models from 1984 onward.
A nifty idea for previously wasted space and well concealed from prying eyes.
The cases are offered in two styles the XD a rubber shell, and the SE a 600 denier polyester outer layer.
Both have a capacity of 1.5 ltr, integrated mesh pockets for your nick knacks, all fixings are supplied for a quick fix in minutes.


Not a huge area of storage but just enough for those things that float around in the cab area for the “just in case” requirement, such as a small torch, 1st aid, a few tools etc.
With a life time guarantee, they have to be built well to stand the Land Rover lifestyle.
The XD is priced at £ 70
The SE is around     £ 60


For more information click here;

underseat-xd_1  underseat-xd_8

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