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Peugeot Dakar Racer for 2016 … built over night ?

Peugeot are taking on the Dakar with a completely revamped new car for 2016.

The company is hoping this motor will show other continents what they can produce when they put their minds to it, especially the Americas, where Peugeot are virtually unheard of.


Teaming up with big sponsors Total and Red Bull the Peugeot Dream team have some big names on the 2016 team drivers list;
Nine times World Rally Champion Sebastien Loeb is working with Cyril Despres, Carlos Sainz, and Dakar veteran Stephane Peterhansel, (11 Dakar rally wins driving, cars and bikes) earning him the nickname “Mister D-Akar”. He will have another chance to prove his off-road prowess with this first year for team Peugeot, sharing driving duties with Sainz, Despres, and of course Loeb behind the wheel of the new DKR 2008, boasting a revamped 3.0 liter turbo diesel throwing out 350 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque in an improved lighter and stronger chassis.
Peugeot have produced a nice little video straight from the 1980’s  “A Team”  scenario of 4 guys taking a night off from the French wine and dinning on snails and cheeses … to knock up a Dakar racer over night whilst the city sleeps … if you believe TV


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