New Lamborghini … SUV

Lamborghini have stepped into the 4×4 world before, some of you may remember the LM002 or the Rambo Lambo as it was known.lambourus2
The latest chapter on the story started in 2012 at the Beijing Motor Show when Lamborghini showcased the Urus their 4×4 concept, a possible third model to the prestigeous stable. Well this week the announcement was made officially; the 4×4 crossover will be launched in 2018 with a price tag around £120k. Since 2012 rumours have been rife and petitions rallied to ensure manufacturing took place in Italy as befitting to the Lamborghini brand. Now confirmed this victory will double the size of the Sant’Agata factory increasing the staff by five hundred. Rumours favour the Audi’s latest 4.0ltr petrol engine to be the star driving force with a possible hybrid version. Unfortunately facts are still sparse on the ground as we await the official name and specifics but we only have three years to wait.



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