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New Kamaz … the Master Race

Anyone who has attended or followed the Dakar cannot deny how impressive it is to see the trucks in action within the competition. Although tall, heavy and stocky, crossing dunes, mountains, beaches and plains at speed is all in the days work just like a Jeep or any other competitive 4×4 vehicle, their size is irrelevant.
So the truck lovers out there will be happy to know there is a new truck coming for Dakar 2017 from the masters of rally truck construction Kamaz.


Among the technical characteristics, the new engine is 6 cylinder, 12.5 ltr , 980 bhp diesel, and with it you only need 10 seconds to reach 100 kph with a 16 speed gearbox.
The first shakedown challenge for the truck will be in the Silk Way Rally, between 8 and 24 July. The new model will have to travel 10,000 kilometers in testing, the race route links Moscow to Beijing.
Kamaz believes it will be the truck to bring back its 14th Dakar victory for 2017 after loosing out to Iveco in 2016. The all-new Kamaz Master leaves the tradition of forward control/cab-over configuration in the past, and looks all the more rugged and powerful because of it.
Built on the Kamaz-4326 chassis, this muscular machine has a generously sized cab set back off the front axle, behind a strong hood. The new layout is designed to increase crew comfort and improve performance, Kamaz believes the new cab configuration, which shifts weight off the front axle and toward the center, will improve maneuverability, provide better movement over sand and offer better jump landings.



The Team have high hopes for the new truck, and the stealth Red Bull livery is a visual demonstration of just how much they’re pushing the cutting edge of technology.


The new dark livery replaces the familiar blue and white, giving the truck the dark sinister appearance much like the Red Bull Peugeot Dakar car class winner in 2016.
We wish the team well …




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Image credits; Reb Bull

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