New Jeep Compass …


Fiat Chrysler have revealed their new 2017 Jeep Compass designed to replace the current model and the Jeep Patriot. Building starts from Monday in Brazil and from April in Mexico with plans to go on sale in North America early next year.
They have released images boasting more aerodynamic lines then it’s Patriot predecessor but with features and styling illustrating the Jeep Cherokee heritage. It will be available with a whopping 17 different choices in fuel-efficient engines and transmission with the Jeep’s legendary four-wheel-drive off-road ability.
With this addition to Jeeps stable Fait Chrysler aim to meet the ever-growing demand for a small but capable SUV with plans to sell in more than 100 countries around the world. Priced higher then the current Compass it reflects the improved fuel economy and performance, plus Jeeps resurgence in the last decade as a strong reliable car with over half a century of heritage and prestige.


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