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New combination driving lights for 4×4’s

Australian company FYRLYT … are about to release their latest driving lights to the market.Ideally suited for off road driving but also equally good for on road use for those dark country lanes now that the days are getting shorter.

The Nemesis 9000 is the light which boasts many new features including;

1, A filament tuned reflector.

2, Sacrificial quick change lenses.

3, Integrated spread or spot beam, at the twist of a button.

4, Integrated quick change bulb & heat sink.

5, Gore™ vent, to keep out water, snow, mud, dust & sand.

6, Hard coated optical surfaces.

7, Injection moulded engineering resin components.

8, High impact strength alloys for low temperatures.

9, Stainless steel fixings, the best stainless materials available on today’s market.

lite r1 Fyrlyt_8_150W_Light_3 FYRLYT

Basically with the promise of a light for life from FYRLYT, this is backed up by all the components available for replacement if you do damage your night lights. The promise for ease of repair, cost, value for money and better performance than LED’s and HID they have got to be worth a look.

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