navdy HUD
Product Road Test

Navdy … the retro fit heads up on screen display for all vehicles.

Ever fancied the cool option of an onscreen display in your truck, just like the latest executive vehicles or aircraft?
Well now you can …. The Navdy is a compact piece of kit that connects via blue tooth to android or iphones and sits easily on your dash within your line of sight with it’s own pop up screen.
With simple hand gestures and voice control the unit can be used to make and receive calls, play music, twittfacing, texting and as a sat nav relayed from your smart phone, all completely safely without having to move your focus from the road.
The clever little box is easy to set, plug in, pair it with your phone, and away you go … simples. There are nav2several other functions where can personalise the Navdy, such as volume, brightness, apps and even a parental control.
We think it is a great piece of kit better for safety and awareness, which is the excuse to buy one that you give the misses, but more importantly it’s just super cool with the “I need one” appeal, you’ve got to agree.
The Navdy is now in production and soon to be released, however if you pre-order now you will get a substantial discount.
Discounted price at $ 299.00 or £197.00


For more information check out this demonstration video below, also follow the link to the Navdy site.


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