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Multi function Escape Tool … for a sharp exit


Check out this versatile device the T3 Tactical Auto Rescue Tool. A multifunctional knife, specially designed for a vehicle emergency with personal safety in mind.
Space and weight is precious when we’re out in our 4x4s whether it’s traveling the lanes or exploring the world everything in our tool kit has to matter. What’s even more precious is our lives and just occasionally we can all to easily find ourselves in a life threatening predicament, trapped in a vehicle needing a fast exit.
The T3 has a spring loaded steel tip designed to punch out stuck windows for when the doors are locked, blocked or more likely t3-tactical-auto-rescue-tooljammed in our case. For stuck seat belts there is a 440C stainless steel hook blade designed to cut easily through the thick seat belt fabric. It also has a LED light with the facilities to change batteries so you can see what you’re cutting. As well as all that ‘auto rescue’ stuff it has a ½ serrated 3.25” survival blade in 440C stainless steel and comes in a heavy-duty sheath with a belt clip and weighs in at 6.4oz.
Just remember to keep it close to hand not in your kit bag in the boot.


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