tesla model x

Model X … All electric 4×4 by Tesla

Tesla Motors are pushing the boundaries of today’s motoring industry.Tesla-Model-X
Promised for 2016 and to complete their range is the SUV named the Model X. Yes, hardly an exciting name but the vehicle is one exciting addition that is really going to turn the industry upside down.
The rear doors are being referred to as Falcon Wings and are double hinged to lift up and out of the way allowing you to step rather than climb inside with the second row of seats sliding forward it’s easy to access the third row.
model-x. seating
7 seat option
The SUV has a dual motor system, one fitted to the front drive axle and one to the rear drive axle that delivers instant increased torque and traction with nimble reflexes with an impressive 0-60 in less than five seconds.
There will be two motor options for the vehicle designated by the name Model X or Model X Performance with 60 or 85 kWh batteries respectively.
Tesla-Model-X-GearSo what’s all the excitement about and how do Tesla Cars achieve such outstanding ranges. It is all thanks to Nikola Tesla back in 1887 with his patented Alternative Current Induction Motor and his 1891 Tesla Coil. Basically it works on a magnetic system using the coils to maintain rotation without wires or mechanics and therefore delivers no waste of energy or need for replacement parts. Having a small and lighter motor equals a lighter more efficient car and with the 85kw Lithium-ion Battery the Tesla 1 gear cars maintain an impressive range and cost per mile. Charging the vehicles is also a breeze with their Superchargers, which can replenish up to 80% in 40 minutes and 100% in 75 minutes by connecting directly to the batteries. recharging can also use 110v or 240v outlets with the connection leads provided. Is this a step towards free motoring? .. with solar panels at your charging point, yes !!!
The current Tesla vehicle price range is from $70k/£44k to $100k/£63k.
tesla electric motor
Original Tesla Motor
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