Mitsubishi Recall …. Outlanders


The Mitsubishi Outlanders and Outlander Sports are to be recalled.
Mitsubishi announced this Thursday 10th November that recall notices will be going out to Mitsubishi Outlanders for models built from 2006 to 2013 and Outlander Sport models dated from 2010 to 2015. The recalls are to fix an issue with the Outlander windscreen wipers and wiper motors on the Outlander Sports.
Mitsubishi have noted that water is able to ingress between the windshield and bonnet of the Outlanders causing the wipers balloutlander-sport joints to rust. Anxious that this will affect the efficiency of the wiper function in time, over 100,000 Outlanders will be recalled. Dealers will replace a rubber boot on the joint to keep the water out.
95,000 Outlanders Sports will be recalled to have the wiper motors replaced for the same reason, water seeping in between the windscreen and bonnet.
Mitsubishi are keen to stress no accidents have been caused by this issue and no charges will be made to rectify the issue.



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