Mitsubishi Ground Tourer Concept … SUV

This is the new Mitsubishi Ground Tourer Concept, although this shadowy silhouette image is all that the auto manufacturer has released to date.
The SUV is due to be unveiled at the 2016 Paris motor show in October.
Little else has been revealed about the new Mitsubishi Ground Tourer Concept, other than it will combine ‘Mitsubishi Motors’ unparalleled off-road heritage and cutting-edge plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) technology.
According to the car maker, it will feature the company’s latest take on the ‘Dynamic Shield’ design philosophy.
The concept will also serve as a preview especially when it comes to design cues for the next-generation Outlander SUV. According to the folks at Mitsubishi, the Ground Tourer concept will feature the latest Japanese design trends and a luxuriously crafted interior.
There are no conventional door handles and it appears that the side mirrors have been replaced with cameras. The slender head and tail lamps make the SUV concept look slender and rather futuristic.




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