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Mini Rigs …will keep you quiet

Mini Rigs are a great way of keeping out of trouble when it’s too wet for outdoors or on holidays, even the kids might get a look in. These 4x4s are laser pre cut plywood models that you glue together yourselves. They take about a day to build then because they are made from wood painting can begin. The fun doesn’t stop there, Mini Rigs also sell a 13 piece accessory kit with a roof rack, ladders, spare wheels even a shovel to name a few so you can get that personalised look. The company Mini Rigs is working on a Toyota Troopy and requesting ideas for alternative mini-rig-4x4-modelsmodels to add to the range.
Current models available are a Land Rover Defender 110 and a Land Rover Series 1, but more are to follow.


For more information;


land rover series mini 110


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