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Michelin’s New X Works Tyre comes with a guarantee …

Overlanders with heavy expedition trucks may wish to take note here ….
Released this month Michelin have announced a new range of tyre, the X works designed with off roading in mind for heavy trucks. They are that confident in the new compound the tyres come with a 6 months guarantee.michelin-truck
Eric Ireland, their marketing operations manager claims ‘We just made it better’. To aid durability a thicker cushion gum has been added to make them more shock absorbent and a 50% wider protective ply that runs from groove to groove. The tyre casing contains tightly capped cables and is designed to support re-treading. Stone drilling is reduced by the aid of a tough ridge at the bottom of the grooves and a V shaped channel helps eject the stones. Longevity has also been improved to give better value for money.
There are two types of the tyre available a 80% on and 20% off road, or the 80% off road -20% on road.
The tyres have been extensively tested on harsh off road environments including quarries, construction sites and dry hot dusty climates, Eric Ireland claims “these tyres are going to get beat up” and evidently with the 6 months “worry free” guarantee Michelin is pretty confident in their new X Works range.





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