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Mercedes Unimog … the worlds choice for truck work on rails

The Mercedes Benz Unimog is well recognised the world over as the workhorse for just about any application, used from fire & rescue service, road maintenance to plane tugging. The rugged truck can be found practically everywhere in the world except for North America, and now it will be available in a road-rail configuration all around the globe too.


Announced recently at the Innotrans international rail trade fair in Berlin, the Unimog railroader will now be found from Russian to Chinese markets in its Euro V version, offering shunting, overhead cable maintenance, and other work along the railways of the world. Other perks include a variety of add-ons, including an elevating work platform for tall jobs, plus remote radio controlled low speed operations, allowing the driver to operate the Unimog from the platform for small single operative tasks.
Thanks to the Unimog’s available rail gears, wagon brake system (which can operate on up to 52 rail wagon axles), and super-low gearing, Mercedes-Benz boasts a towing capacity of up to 1000 tonnes. The rail axles tuck up underneath the Mog whenever it travels on regular roads, giving it total dual-purpose capabilities.
As with other road-rail trucks, propulsion comes from the tires in both scenarios, although the truck uses specialised wheels and tyres for rail duties. The radio control system can ideally be used to hitch up railcars from outside the vehicle the operator stands behind the Unimog and guides it into place using the remote box controls.
It’s just one more job to add onto the Unimog’s already-impressive résumé, proving its versatile capability yet again in todays demanding world for utility truck versatility.


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