Mercedes call time on the 6×6 AMG G63 Truck

Mercedes have called time on their G63 AMG 6×6 Pick Up, after selling just a hundred. The trucks were produced over a handful of years on a slow pace bespoke assembly line, but now the beast is being retired to the Mercedes elite history parking lot.G WAGON 6X6
They cost £370k, ‘each’ which obviously did not deter the buyers because they sold out in just over a year. Granted it is unique with six wheels, tyre control system, five differentials, a V8 5.5ltr twin-turbocharged engine putting out 536hp and 561lb of torque and of course Mercedes badge.
If you missed out on this double cab wonder then never fear the company have given their G500 4×4 debuted in concept form on 5th March at the Geneva Motor Show, a touch of the G63 magic. The G500 won’t have the third axle, or utility back end nor the huge price tag, but it will have the higher suspension and giant wheels and muscle truck looks.

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