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Mercedes … BINZ G-XL or G-XXL

Never heard of it? Neither have most the staff in the Mercedes sales rooms. That’s because it’s not widely known in the western hemisphere but since the 1990’s the coachbuilders at Mercedes-Benz known as BINZ Gmbh have been fashioning the long wheelbase G-wagons into impressive limousines, security personnel carriers and ambulances.Mercedes-G-BINZ-XXL
Boasting ‘unmatched off-road capability’ and renamed the Bodyguard Vehicle these commission only built ‘vans’ are now advertised on the Mercedes web page with a starting price of €87,000/£70,000. So what are we getting for our money? Whatever you want, any choice of Mercedes engine and a choice of 2 wheel bases the XXL 5033 mm or XL 4662 mm. Both models come with a choice of up to 7 seats with the 2 rear seats facing the split back doors and Mercedes G-BINZ-XXL-3being based on the G-Class this Mercedes has over 30 years of proven longevity and ruggedness under it’s belt.
The XL has a large boot or the option of 2 extra seats. Both models features middle seats that can pivot to face the sliding side doors that can be kept open whilst the vehicle is in motion, handy for dropping the kids off at parking restricted schools!
The XXL can seat 7 easily with the extra length the boot space is not compromised.Binz-XXL-G63
Interiors have a luxurious but sparse feel but these are commissioned to your own requirements so coming from a car described as the limousine the amount of luxury and packages added is limited only by your wallet.

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