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MASAI … Defender DIY Panoramic Window Kit

Having personally had products from Masai in the past we know that quality is never compromised, so when an associate ofmasai-panoramic ours decided to completed a DIY job on his own Defender with the black tint option, of the Masai panoramic rear windows, and offered to kindly gave us his feed back, we took him up on it.
This Masai product has been on the market now for a few years, with kits to fit 90 & 110’s with various tint options and an Iridium mirror finish. After seeing them around on a few Defenders, they are similarly seen on the Mercedes Viano and VW Transporter people carriers.
The kit includes everything you need from template, instructions, engineering mastic and of course the glass. The overall appearance of the kit and items is of top quality with the temperature range of the mastic from -40 to +90 deg C.
iridium glass masaiThe glass is tinted to 70% giving more privacy to occupants and meets all European manufacturing standards for 4mm Masai slidingtempered safety glass (E43R).
The glass also has the added benefits of reflecting heat and external glare, keeping the interior cooler. There is a secure lock on the sliding section, although there is an option for all fixed glass that offers more of a rigid product spec. All glass is quality assured and leak tested to meet required standards.
For two people with common sense and a basic “being handy” knowledge, the job can be completed within a day’s work.
Masai panoramic 90The job simply is to remove any existing windows, mark out your side tin with the template, and carefully cut away to produce the new apertures, then fit/bond the new glass. It is really as simple as that. Masai also produce new internal window surrounds for your truck if you want to go really posh.
Our overall thoughts of the new glass fitted are, it is a vast improvement to the old Defender look and without doubt must add value to the truck. From the inside, the vehicle is obviously brighter and feels much more roomy. A definite plus if you are thinking of going down this route, we would recommend them.  Kits start around £363.00

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