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MAN 8×8 … the Mountaineers of Iceland

As 4x4ers we all like our trucks, but when you see something as capable but bigger, a strange mist comes over us all … and we want one!
The cost and practicality goes out of the window … we just need one. Well here is one of those moments … our researcher’s first comment was “Look at this … oh-I need it for a camper conversion”8X8-ICELAND
Meet the monster, the MAN 8×8 of Icelandic tour company, Mountaineers of Iceland. Although not the largest truck in their fleet, it is certainly the most aesthetically impressive. Sitting on 58 inch tires, the truck is comprised of a MAN TGA cab and the back body of a coach, all mounted on a MAN Kat 8×8 military chassis, usually used for missile carrying and special use operations.
The passenger area can accommodate 49 passengers and take them across almost all types of terrains with trenches, holes and stone, not forgetting snow and ice.
The vehicle is powered by the MAN 480 six-cylinder diesel, giving 12,500 cc, 480 hp at 1,900 rpm and 2,300 Nm of torque between 1,050 and 1,400 rpm.
The truck was requested by the tour company to enable them to access areas of Iceland that other large passenger vehicles just cannot get to. Another important feature was to allow their guests to travel in relevant comfort and warmth, so the truck features air conditioning, an effective large heating system and even Wi-Fi. For those just in case scenarios the driver’s cab has GPS and a satellite phone installed too.8X8-MAN-ICELAND
The travel company do have a pretty impressive collection of off road vehicles including a 10×10 Daf truck, another 8×8, 6×6 and 4×4 mini-vans and SUV’s, not to mention the snow mobiles.
Take a look at their website and photo galleries … this could be a holiday trip for the bucket list.


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