Looking Ahead … Samsung’s Safety Truck

Samsung have developed a new camera & display system to assist drivers wishing to overtake large trucks on the single carriageway roads. This is a great help if you are one of us 4×4 drivers that don’t have the required ummph to get past on a short straight with just a blip on the right foot plate.
Many drivers have fallen prey to failed passing attempts, and Samsung seeks to 2015-09-08_21-39-38-312x207eliminate this tragedy in waiting forever with its see-through Safety Truck idea, a poor name for a great idea that also works at night. This is a similar system recently announced by Land Rover for their invisible trailer idea to eliminate trailer blind spots.
Given that Samsung is a company best known for its tv’s and other electronic technologies, it shouldn’t be surprising that the company used four huge television screens linked to forward mounted cameras providng a clear view of the road ahead. It’s a design manufacturers have long dreamed of, and it’s finally coming to the road near you … well, maybe.
It’s a relatively simple design only feasible due the economics of cost, as rear-mounted cameras become mandated equipment for more and more passenger cars, it’s natural it apply to large goods vehicles too. Maybe instead of four screens, just a single screen might help to keep trailer overheads down, but the thought of theft and the usual vandals or graffiti artists have to be considered unfortunately.


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